What is a CNA? is a very common question.

A CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant, works with patients and clients on their healthcare requirements under the direct supervision of an RN or LPN. A CNA is sometimes also referred to as a nurses assistant, a state tested nurse aid, or a patient care assistant. A CNA assists registered nurses and licensed practical nurses in many of their day to day patient care activities. Many of the tasks, responsibilities, and duties of an RN or LPN cannot be handled by a CNA due to legal and insurance liability issues.

To be a CNA or certified nursing assistant, you must study and pass the licensure exam for nursing assistant in your area. You will then be licensed to assist patients with their health care needs while under the supervision of a LPN(Licensed Practical Nurse) or an RN(Registered Nurse).

The question “What is a CNA” has a different answer depending on where the CNA works. If you decide to become a CNA you will have the option of working in many different types of healthcare facilities. A CNA working in a retirement home may have very different responsibilities than one working in a mental health facility or a hospital.

What is a CNA job like?

What is a CNA job like?

What is a CNA expected to do on the job is a question you should consider if you are thinking of becoming one. The normal responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant will be different based on your employer and your location. Nursing assistants can be employed in a many various settings.  Nursing homes, adult day care centers, hospitals, personal residences and assisted living facilities can all use nursing assistants as an intermediary between a RN or LPN and the patient. Most of the time, the CNA acts as the RN’s or LPN’s eyes and ears. A CNA reports info from multiple patients to a few LPNs or RNs.

The general role of a CNA is to assist all of their patients with basic healthcare needs. The CNA is the person that has the most direct contact with the patient. As a CNA you will be the person interacting with the patients on a daily basis and updating the rest of the nursing staff on any issues or problems that any of the patients may have that you were unable or not authorized to take care of.

Being a CNA is sometimes difficult and fast paced. What is a CNA personality like? The ideal person to become a CNA will have a strong desire to help people, excellent time management, and genuinely show compassion for all of their patients needs. If you have those qualities, you may find that becoming a CNA can be a very rewarding job.

What is a CNA patch?

How do you become a CNA?

What is a CNA training program like? Training to become a CNA is available through the Red Cross, community colleges, some medical facilities, and now training is also available through some schools online. On-the-job training is available through some facilities. These facilities may take on candidates with little or no experience and teach them everything they need to know to pass the licensing tests to become a CNA in that area. Positions like this are sometimes difficult to find and are increasingly rare since the job market has become more difficult in the past few years. If you are lucky enough to be hired for an on-the-job training position where you learn to be a CNA, you’ll be expected to learn everything you need to pass the CNA test, take the test to become a certified nursing assistant, and then work at that facility as a qualified CNA. Many locations may have you sign an agreement that you will stay employed with them after you pass your test for a certain length of time. They do this so that people hired to be trained as a CNA don’t just use them as paid training and then leave after so much time has been spent getting them qualified.

What is a CNA salary range?

A CNA salary range is a very common question. On average a CNA will make about $25,000 a year. As a CNA you can make more or less than this depending on what type of facility you chose to work in. A CNA in a hospital makes about $33,000 a year where a CNA acting as a companion caregiver can make as little as $16,000. The difference really comes down to the workload and responsibilities that you want to take on. A CNA in a hospital has a lot more to do and be responsible for so they get paid more because of the added workload.

As you can see, most of the questions you might have about becoming a CNA in the medical field and assisting nurses comes down to the specific position you take and the employer you choose. If you choose to become a CNA you will find that you have many options and will have the ability to choose what part of the medical field suits your needs best.