CNA job description

A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant. A CNA job description is a little harder to define though. CNAs assist with the daily living needs of their patients. These needs can vary widely depending on your employer. At some locations a CNA may only be expected to help with personal hygiene, providing comfort, and other daily living needs. As other locations, CNAs may be expected to also assist in transportation of patients and monitoring vital signs.

Certified Nursing Assistant / CNA Job description Duties

The CNA job description can sometimes be difficult to explain. There is no set list of job duties that a CNA is required to perform. Obviously if a CNA is working in a mental health unit they may be required to take on duties that are a lot different from those that they might be expected to perform in a children’s unit or a retirement home.

Some of the personal hygiene items that a CNA may be expected to help with are things such as helping with baths or showers, assisting patients to and from the bathroom, help with shaving, and help with washing their hair.

Certified Nursing Assistants help in the feeding of patients. They provide fresh water and other drinks as well as nourishment between meals. They serve meals and usually assist with the cleanup after the meals have been eaten.

CNAs can also provide medical assistance by administering enemas, applying non-sterile bandages, hot and cold packs, therapeutic baths, as well as applying restraints.

cna job description

Other duties that can be incorporated into the CNA job description include:

Assure the patients are remaining stable through monitoring of things such as urine samples, checking their weight, recording food consumption, and checking vital signs.

Providing comfort to patients through use of available resources and materials.

Transportation of patients to and from any appointments, checks, or meals they need to get to.

Replying to call lights, questions, and requests of the patients.

Generating reports on the general wellbeing of patients for the nursing supervisor based on observations of the patients.

Filling out and generating logs, forms, records, and reports used for documenting the patients stay and general health.

Diligently adheres to company procedures and policies.

Assures all patient information remains private and confidential to ensure the protection of the employer.

Adheres to all local, state, federal, and hospital procedures, rules, requirements, and laws.


The CNA job description may sound like a good match for you if you have the right type of skills. Being a CNA requires you to have good bedside manner as well as do well working in a team environment. You must have good judgment, be able to multi-task, and have some nursing skills.

This CNA job description is by no means complete and all encompassing. If you become a CNA you will find that some jobs will require you to perform a lot of the job duties in this description and others will not. It’s quite hard to answer the question “what is a CNA“. The job description of a CNA is a difficult thing to define because it is left almost entirely up to the employer as to how many or how few responsibilities they want to assign to their CNAs. The entire nursing workload is usually divided up between RNs, LPNs, and CNAs. RNs typically take on a supervisor and administrator role, LPNs typically perform a lot of the nursing duties that require more medical training than a CNA, and CNAs do most of the day-to-day routine duties. I say typically because it doesn’t have to be set up that way and in many cases it is not. You may find yourself in a CNA job where you are the only CNA and you are assisting many nurses, or you may find a position where there are many CNAs and only one nurse.